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Reviews and Testimonials

"Excellent quality! I will most definitely call on them for future jobs. They were always on time and ready to work. The experience I had with FreshCoat is second to none. Both painters, father and son, were very pleasant individuals who I could trust. The owner, Ian, has the great temperament for a quality leader and businessman. The job was superior. I am extremely proud of my home. Thanks"

- James L., Oviedo, FL

"This was all interior painting with different colors in different rooms. Edging was of particular concern since some of the different colors of paint met at rounded drywall corners. There was some wall repair that we were guilty of and they repaired it all. There were 5 painters in all at different times with 4 rooms to do. They did what they said they would do. All work done in one day as explained and agreed.

We contacted them and were promptly greeted and set up an appointment date. The owner came on the appointed date and surveyed the job, told us what would happen and quoted the job with a written contract. A specific day was chosen and work began on time. 2 of the workers stayed all day and worked on most of the walls. Later 3 more workers joined in and finished the work on time. The work was done very professionally with little if any time wasted. Trim work was done very carefully with the edges between paints remaining sharp and crisp. Very nicely done. All the mop boards were repainted as contracted and all the paint was cleaned outside and carefully. Would hire them again and probably will. "

- Bob C., Orlando FL

"Fresh Coat Painting provided interior painting services for our house. Five different colors involved and done exactly as we wanted. Also, they did some wall repair and some trimming for base boards as well as painted the base boards. Some ceiling touch up done as well.

They were on time, courteous, went right to work and followed instructions. Any deviation from the painting plan was discussed with us as they came upon any problems. Worked out nicely. We had staples in one wall area where plastic sheeting was hung to keep the dust to a minimum during some previous construction. They filled all the small holes and made the stippled walls look like nothing had happened to them. All the base boards were painted below the painted walls - a nice feature that added to the detailed work. They also touched up the ceiling paint in some areas that were streaked - no more streaks now. These guys are good and have used them once before and will use them in the future for all our painting needs. Highly recommended. "

- Mary H., Windermere FL

"Thank you so much for the excellent job you did for our renovation of our home. Your painting is perfection and it was such a blessing to have you on this job."

- Linda and Rick W., Orlando FL